Arrow Off-Road And The CTD Group Announce New Joint Venture

March 25, 2024

WINNIPEG, CANADA, 03, 22, 2024 – Arrow Off-Road, a division of Arrow Machine and Fabrication Group (AMFG) in Guelph, Canada, and The CTD Group of Winnipeg, Canada, announced today that they have combined forces to create a new joint venture in the off-road vehicle component and systems sphere. 

The new company, AC Fabrication and Assembly Solutions, offers off-road manufacturers complete end-to-end design, engineering, machining, fabrication, finishing, and assembly solutions on an unprecedented scale. Fuelled by a team of over 1,100 engineering and fabrication professionals across 11 production facilities in three continents, AC Fabrication and Assembly Solutions aims to become the new dominant player in the off-road OEM supply chain focusing on the agriculture and construction markets in its initial phase of launch. 

“Everyone at Arrow is excited at the potential of this new venture,” says Mike Ritchie, President and CEO of AMFG. “The CTD Group holds the same business values and commitment to product quality and customer service as Arrow, making them the perfect partner with which to take this bold new step.” 

AC Fabrication and Assembly Solutions, headquartered in Winnipeg, Canada, is the world’s only authentic “one-stop shop” for fabricated and assembled off-road vehicle components and systems. This approach saves manufacturers time and money from working with separate contractors by allowing them to consolidate every part of the process with one trusted partner. 

“My team and I are looking forward to working closely with the experts at Arrow to deliver high-quality solutions through this new joint venture,” says James Umlah, President and Owner of The CTD Group. “AC Fabrication and Assembly Solutions has the potential to completely transform how off-road manufacturers procure their manufactured products, and we’re happy to lead the way.”  

AC Fabrication and Assembly Solutions’ customers will also enjoy unparalleled direct access to world-class machining, fabrication, paint, and assembly capabilities from Arrow Machine and Fabrication Group’s other divisions, Arrow Engineered Products and Arrow Automotive, as well as their global network of suppliers. In addition, The CTD Group will support customers with their casting and machining expertise and footprint.



About AC Fabrication And Assembly Solutions

AC Fabrication and Assembly Solutions is a joint venture of Arrow Off-Road (a division of Arrow Machine and Fabrication Group) and The CTD Group. The company is an engineering-focused solution provider of high-quality off-road vehicle components and systems to global OEM customers in the agriculture, construction, mining, defense, material handling, rail, power systems, forestry, and heavy truck industries.  



For interview requests, please contact: 

James Umlah, Chairman, AC Fabrication and Assembly Solutions, Winnipeg


Michael Ritchie, President and CEO, AC Fabrication and Assembly Solutions and President and CEO of Arrow Machine and Fabrication Group


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Mike Ritchie

President and CEO

Arrow Machine and Fabrication Group

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